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   Venus    TY-B80
   Design photo
   -10600 nm wavelength
   -50 Watts max power
   -Ellipse scan, rectangle scan, triangle scan
   -650nm ruby laser indicator
   -Water cooling system
   -Scars removal and skin resurfacing
   -Stretch marks
   -Skin rejuvenation
   -General surgery
   Wave length:  10.6 um
   Max power:  30 Watts
   Scan mode:  Ellipse Scan, Rectangle Scan, Triangle Scan
   Laser type:  CO2 laser
   Laser indicator:  650nm ruby laser
   Control system:  digital micro computor system with touch screen
   Conduct system:  seven-joints laser articulated arms
   Cooling system:  water cooling system
   Body material:  ABS
   Size:  300(W)x390(L)x1050(H)mm
   Voltage:  220V/110V, 50/60HZ 10A
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